Drone flight is the best hobby. A great way to explore the world from a different point of view. Here are a few of the videos I've put together from different places I've flown. All of them are accompanied by my own music and edited and coloured by me. You heard it right, it's ALL ME!!!
The drone isn't seeing much action lately, so instead I take my mountain bike out, find a beautiful trail and put some music to it. A stranger on the internet once told me one of the tracks was awesome.
Mostly I take photos of things you can't see with the naked eye. That can be because the naked eye can't soar to the heights a drone can reach, or because the naked eye can't see the passage of time in a scene.

But sometimes I take photos of normal things. Like people, places and food.
Most of my work for Acura is as Creative and Technical Director. But occasionally I contribute video to smaller, social projects. The videos below are examples of work that I have been the creative director on, in addition to shooting some of the video content in the finished film.
The pandemic hit, and MullenLowe was stuck at home. Originally tasked with coming up with a way to play "Baby Shark" over Zoom, I did a pivot on the ask, and formed the agency band "The Remotes". With a lot of figuring things out as we went along, we nevertheless had a really good time, and created three great music videos. I directed, mixed and edited the whole thing, as well as played a lot of instruments that I don't really play.
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